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1938.6 SS Main Office,
2nd Adjutant, subordinate of Ludolf von Alvensleben, Karl Wolff was the head of the office
Maintain official dairy of the Reichführer SS, preparing his cards and gifts, prescreening individuals who wish to speak with Wolff, responding to invitations for Wolff, supervision of files and records
He often accompanied Himmler on his travels.
1938.9 Nuremberg, Reich Party Day
1938.9.29 Munich, Four-Power Conference; Stuttgart, Himmler spoke to Germans from aboard
1938 Italy, vacation(5 weeks)
1939.1 Wewelsburg
1939.2.14 The launching of the “Bismark”
1939.3.15 Czech,Prague
1939.3.22 Memel
1939.11.1 1st Adjutant, overall responsibility for all adjutant services.
setting Himmler’s appointment and conference schedule (daily calendar), personal and official assistance to and escort at all important events, managing budget of Adjutant Office and official travel, inspected and sorted the arriving mail,answered questions of minor importance and presented those letters to Himmler which required his personal attention.


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