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Hitler's Warrior Note 3

1935.1.6  Arrived at Jüterbog to join in the Officer’s Candidate course. Instructors were not qualified, „without training experience, had been out of service for years“. Met Max Wünsche and Rudolf Lehmann.

Wehrmacht Psychological Testing Station X in Braunschweig.

„conditionally approved“ by the test team


1935.4.24 Became a SS officer candidate.

Taught by Reichswehrs: Matthias Kleinheisterkamp, Franz Magill, Erwin Tzschoppe

Got the Rider’s Medal in Bronze

Final test: fully mounted Fuchsjagd - a fox hunt

1935.11.9 Became SS-Standartenjunker

1936.2 Attended a platoon leader course at Dachau, met Heinz (transferred from Bad Tölz)

            The Training site(Konzertrationslager) was right next to the Concentration Camp, separated only by wire fence. Everyone could see what was going on and the graduates were given guided tour of the Theodor Eicke’s concentration camp system

1936.3.3 Became Oberjunker

 „Tough on himself and others,“ SS Hstuf. Rudolf Lochmüller proclaimed.

„He is a born soldier.“

1936.4.20 Received his commission as an officer, became an SS Untersturmführer (second Lieutenant) of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.

Horst abandoned the chance to be a Luftwaffe officer, joined the SSVT because of his political interest.

Härte in armed conflict would be elevated to a holy paradigm within the SS whereas mercy was a sign of weakness. „Here God wants no love“ „We have a right to be harsh against others because we have been tough on ourselves as well.“

1936.8.1 Selected to serve as a escorts during the evening for the German women’s Olympic team, be an honor guard at huge evening reception for foreign guests at the Reiche Chancellery.

1936.9 First personally presented to Hitler at the Reich Party Day in Nuremberg, met in hallowed Hall of the Hohenzollernburg.

1937 Spent with assignments at Lichterfelde. 

1937.5/6 Attend his unit’s assault training exercise at Lüneberge Heide. 

1937.9.25 Were on display for the Munich reception by Hitler for Mussolini.

1937.12.7 Wounded accidentally.

1938.3.13 Presented for reception for the LAH during their march into Austria. Vienna, Heldenplatz.    

                 6 weeks.


Jochen 和 Heinz 竟然在 course 的时候就认识OMG我一直以为是至少一年之后……对啊他就是一个harsh的家伙,对Comrade和Subordinates很好但是对自己超狠,对“非我族类”的更是Unrelenting,老了才[被迫]变得soft了一点。但是我就是喜欢他=W=


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