Sometimes, I wish I were an angel. Sometimes, I wish I were you.


Heinz wrote it before the "Awakening Spring"

These are hard times , but I firmly believe that we will come out on top. After all, everything can't have been done for nothing and the world submerge in a Jewish-Bolshevik chaos . It is hard, very hard and once it's all over then we will all collapse like an empty sausage skin. But we must and will hold out even if we all have to limp into the last attack on crutches.

When you see and hear how the Russians wreak havoc, then a cold shiver goes down your spine and you' re filled with a deep, hot hatred for this brood from hell and a desire to wipe them off the face of the earth.
We' ll never be able to forget it; it's ghastly. This is really the final phase of the war and will decide it. Almighty God will grant us the victory for which we have fought for so long. We are unimaginably tired and would be grateful for a victorious peace, but there will be no slack until victory is ours.

1945 February/March

从这段话能看出来他精神状态并没什么大问题。如果后来只是被撤职的话应该反应也不会那么激烈。(假设他真的是自杀),Jochen在春醒期间还通知Werner Kübler会因为他的neglience上军事法庭呢,那位被吓了一跳但是也没成真啊。





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