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The Death of Heinz Von Westernhagen

1. Origin

The veteran and beloved commander of schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 501 (attached to Peiper) , SS -Obersturmbannfuhrer Heinz von Westernhagen , was transferred into the officer reserve. That decision was received in the battalion with incomprehension. SS-Sturmbannführer and Knight's Cross winner Heinz Kling , who had formerly commanded the 13.Kompanie in the Panzer regiment before it was used to build the corps Tiger Battalion, assumed command of the battalion from him. Von Westernhagen went to the command post to report to SS-Brigadeführer Kumm. There was an officer there who was a friend, and who later wrote to Von Westernhagen's wife who was almost due : "We were waiting for him at the divisional command post in a farm house on the road. He drove up. I knew that it had to be Hein, and went to the door. At this moment a small bomb fell from a single Russian aircraft on the house. When I got outside my Hein lay at the house entrance , fatally wounded. "

A piece of shrapnel from the bomb penetrated the scar from the head wound he received in 1943 and killed him immediately. At the divisional command post Sepp Dietrich had just presented the Swords to the Oak leaves to the knight's cross to SS-Brigadefuhrer und Generalmajor of the Waffen-SS Otto Kumm. He received them for his command of the "Prinz Eugen" Division. Kumm wrote: "Unfortunately , I scarcely knew my com rade Heinz von Westernhagen. I am sorry because he was coming to see me when it happened. He wasn't on the way to the corps command post , but right at the door of the house when the bombs hit. he was killed immediately. Sepp Dietrich, Hermann Prieß, Jochen peiper and I were present. "

From"Michael Wittmann und die Tiger der
LSSAH", Patrick Agte


这其中明显能看出问题:什么叫small bomb? a single aircraft?投了一颗炸弹不偏不倚就Heinz一个人倒霉,推门去迎他的Officer却似乎连根头发都没少?

Kumm写的那一段中用到了Unfortunately, I scarcely knew my comrade…… I am sorry……我不知道原文是怎样的,但是看这个英文翻译,他应该不是写给自己做记录的,好像有什么人 is/are supposed to read it. 如果能找到原文说不定会了解的更清楚,此处手动@Charite.

反正我个人觉得他们串供瞒着Hein他老婆才是真的(摊手。毕竟也是在这两天,Werner Wolff战伤不治死了,某派给他写的是”shot up in glory, sink back into the darkness”,没道理一句话都不给Heinz留——除非他的死本来就不是因为战伤。

PS 那个Incomprehensible command 很有意思啊。私心带个某派的tag,毕竟好基友。


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