Sometimes, I wish I were an angel. Sometimes, I wish I were you.


Personal Comments on Joachim Peiper

Actually Peiper maybe was somehow talented in military tactics but normal in other aspects. Like most of the German, he was turned on by Hitler and the propaganda at first, then got to realize that he was entirely screwed. We should not expect him to be an evil or an angel.

Some scholars (yes I am talking about DP and JW) said he was a ironic Nazi for his whole life however I guess he just refused to confirm he was totally wrong and apologize again and again for what he had done. (It was clear that he lost interest in any political belief including National Socialism after the receding from the Soviet.)

I tried not to establish a standard and use it to judge people which at a large extent is because it does no help for knowing who they are. So I am afraid there is nothing much for me to say about Peiper's acts, namely setting fire and killing. I'm not approval of these acts obviously but I won't hate him for this reason. Nevertheless judging those struggled with a working air conditioner behind seems too strange. Living is not the most important thing for soldiers at the eastern front—it's the only thing.

Maybe it's proper to say that I'm "interested in" him than I "like" him. ( more objective I mean )


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