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Patrick Agte的Jochen Peiper画风讨论(划掉)吐槽

前两天和Charite说起Patrick Agte的迷妹画风的产物。

1.Agte针对The Army's Psychological Testing Board X examined Peiper on 1 April 1935的评论 (P11)

The kind of questioning to which he was subjected by two army psychologists and their colleagues could have awakened a certain annoyance in Peiper, which would have influenced his answers accordingly. And this would have been evaluated negatively by the psychologists . However, it remains uncertain why the psychologists applied such strict standards to such a young man as Peiper, and apparently expected that in spite of his age of 20 years he would present an entirely mature and
firm personality , which had left behind all expressions of puberty.


2.comments of SS-Huaptsturmführer Lochmüller, Peiper's course leader graded on Janurary 31,1936:(P12)

Very good in front of soldiers and in the lecture hall. Very good ability and performance. Very industrious and good powers of judgment. Hard on himself and others. A born soldier. Fully mature in spite of his youth. Responsible. Self-sacrificing comrade who possesses a good character. Suitable officer "material".


The contrast here with the results of the examination by the Psychological testing board is striking . Above all, after several months of very close observation , Peiper was then considered "fully mature in spite of his youth".

最后一句讽刺的意味很明显嘛。显然从👆看Agte更倾向于同意这位former course leader的话呀嘻嘻。不过严厉地对待自己和他人确定和某些人所说残忍没有相似之处吗?不排除Peiper在训练之后有所长进的可能性,但是这个评价不能和正规的心理测试报告相提并论吧,更不用提反驳了。至少我个人认为两个都正确。


In 1941 Jochen Peiper had suffered ruptures in both eardrums , a shrapnel wound in the middle of the right knee joint and a concussion. But these wounds must have made little impression on him. He never had them verified and they weren't entered into his pay book , since in various personnel documents for 1942 and 1943 he is listed as unwounded . Moreover, he didn't receive a wound badge. An indication of peipers modesty , he made no fuss over these things.

“must…”“modesty…”“made no fuss over these things”Agte的描述好像怎么看都不objective啊。某派也可能只是不care这种事吧,毕竟他眼里只有铁十字hhhh战伤对他来说是不是值得一提的荣誉还两说呢。



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